Become an EPIC Teacher

EPIC Teaching: A New Framework For You To Reach Your Next Level As a Teacher

As teachers, we strive daily to make a positive impact on the youth and families we serve.  Yet 90% of our “inservice” days only focus on a small fraction of the skills that truly define our practice.

It’s time to uncover the rest of the story… what is it that really makes an EPIC teacher?


No matter how you slice it, it’s been a challenging year for all of us teachers! In this inspirational workshop, Rick dives into the “3 P’s” of creating an advanced and optimistic vision for your teaching practice and the field of education as we press on and carry our vision through to the next year!

Behavior Guidance

As teachers, we know that guiding our students’ behavior is a keystone in our mission to educate.  Yet, we often treat behavior guidance as an “add-on” – a topic that is somehow only tangential to our vital work, and, in many cases, we wind up putting a band-aid on a bullethole.

In Rick’s most requested workshop, you’ll learn how behavior guidance is central to our mission, and get a new, workable perspective on how we can integrate science-backed ideas into your day-to-day flow and increase your effectiveness as a teacher!