Become an EPIC Teacher

The Secret of Success

In Rick’s signature EPIC Teaching workshop, participants go beyond sharpening their teaching expertise to learn about those hidden skills that truly make a great teacher: Passion, Identity, Commitment, Courage, and Clarity. In this workshop that has been described as “life-changing”, Rick challenges teachers with new ideas, perspectives, and strategies that make all the difference in teachers’ careers, efficacy, and influence.

E is for Expertise

90% of what we are taught as teachers falls under the category of “expertise”.  In EPIC Teaching, we deconstruct the components of our expertise: knowledge, skills, and abilities – and then reconstruct them with new strategies to connect, influence, and grow.

P is for Passion

Without Passion, we become burned out, joyless, and find continual frustration in our day-to-day work.  Harnessing the power of full engagement leads teachers to renewal, purpose, and finding their next level as an educator.

I is for Identity

Who is it that you bring to the classroom everyday?  Without introspection and continual growth, we stagnate as teachers, coaches, and youth-serving professionals.  Self-care, social-emotional balance, and self-knowledge are at the core of the EPIC Teacher.

C is for commitment, courage, and Clarity

What are those “intangibles” that truly great teachers possess?  How do they harness the power of commitment, courage, and clarity to drive their work to new heights?  These traits are not “inborn” – they can be nurtured and grown, and in the EPIC Teacher Workshop, you’ll learn that you, too, possess these attributes and can grow your practice with them.

How to experience rick’s EPIC TEACHING workshop