Ran across a post this week in one of the education groups I’m a member of on Facebook. An assistant principal had posted, reminding the group to keep in mind their mission and purpose as an educator. Something […]
DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS Now, whether you’re a classroom teacher, an afterschool professional, sports coach, even a preschool teacher, I’m here to tell you that you most definitely have a role in molding your students’ leadership abilities, and you […]
Play is a key ingredient to human happiness – your happiness and the happiness of your students. But the importance of play goes far beyond happiness. The American Association of Pediatrics affirmed that play is a vital contributor to […]
One of the best ways to inspire and cement learning is understanding two related concepts. Now despite that their names imply that they’re polar opposites, FORMAL LEARNING and INFORMAL LEARNING work together to create a depth of understanding and […]
PART ONE – The Power of Choice So, as children develop from birth through childhood and adolescence, one of the most important skills that is developed along the way is the skill of choosing. When a child or youth […]
You may have seen on my Facebook page that this past week I was in San Diego, going through the week-long recertification process so I can continue my practice as a Certified High Performance Coach. As a Certified High Performance Coach, […]
This video looks at the second part of the ERE … RELATIONSHIPS. This is the piece that is most often ignored by our traditional training and education. In addressing RELATIONSHIPS, Rick looks at three aspects of how relationships […]
I attended a four-day event in Phoenix, Arizona called HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY. I want to share with you, three of the biggest takeaways that I got from High Performance Academy as it pertains to working with children and […]
This video discusses the first piece of the ERE framework, ENVIRONMENT. The idea is that everything we do as educators to shape our students’ outcomes can be categorized into one of these three areas: Environments, Relationships, and Experiences. […]
Have you ever had that one kid whose behavior was a puzzle – everything you did to try to connect and redirect and shift modalities – just didn’t work?  Have you ever felt guilty about the effort and […]