This video looks at the second part of the ERE … RELATIONSHIPS. This is the piece that is most often ignored by our traditional training and education. In addressing RELATIONSHIPS, Rick looks at three aspects of how relationships are key to the learning and growth process, and how teachers, can leverage best practices and next-level understandings to exponentially increase effectiveness, connection, and satisfaction in the field.

Rick has constructed this video so that you’re able to take at least one small idea away and implement it in your work with children and youth. Because once implemented, that’s when these ideas start changing lives and changing futures… the lives and futures of your students…. And it’s All because of YOU!

He talks about Dyadic relationships, including Bill Wilmot’s book called Dyadic Communication. It’s absolutely fascinating to see the interplay of all the pieces of relationships, especially as it relates to being in a group setting.

Rick also challenges you to put on a ROLE MODEL MENTALITY – step into the “BEING” of a role model and act with more intention and integrity in your work… not only do you influence the future, but you’re going to find that there’s more intrinsic satisfaction that you’ll take in what you do, day in and day out.

Rick introduces us to the Mountain Pathway Theory and the Japanese principle of kaizen. Just these two concepts will transform how you go to work tomorrow!

Then, Rick will give you the SIX MAGIC WORDS when it comes to creating boundaries in a group culture, these six words, when invoked carry ten times the weight and gravitas of any other phrase. He tells you how to apply them in the classroom, so that they work magic!

Lastly, Rick talks about managing the culture of a group and setting boundaries for optimal group buy-in and function. Remember – it’s an art – it’s a dance. One that might have a little bit of a learning curve if you’ve never thought much about relationships and influence from this perspective… but, nonetheless, a very valuable tool that makes every other aspect of teaching flow easier and smoother.


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