I attended a four-day event in Phoenix, Arizona called HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY. I want to share with you, three of the biggest takeaways that I got from High Performance Academy as it pertains to working with children and youth.

Watch the video above for all of the details…


One of my big takeaways from High Performance Academy is the habit of asking myself – and answering – questions that reflect my desire and human need for growth in particular areas of my life. 


So, what are the takeaways from High Performance Academy around energy? First thing – we can take responsibility for our own energy – yeah, life happens to us, and we sometimes suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and sometimes our energy is affected. But if we take responsibility for our energy, we can take control of low points and bring them up – we can savor the high points of energy, and best of all, we can PLAN AHEAD to make sure that we have the energy we need to bring to the day.


If you really want to genuinely connect with other people – whether it’s your students, or their families, your co-workers, your principal or your superintendent or program director – if you really want to open authentic lines of communication, you must get out of your head and out of your needs and get into THEIR enthusiasms. Find out what exactly it is that makes them, not just happy, but enthusiastic. 


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