Have you ever had that one kid whose behavior was a puzzle – everything you did to try to connect and redirect and shift modalities – just didn’t work?  Have you ever felt guilty about the effort and time you took with just one student and realized you hadn’t had your attention on the rest of your students?  

In this video on the topic of BEHAVIOR GUIDANCE, Rick gives you five tips and tools that he has found helpful and that will elevate your knowledge, skills, and abilities when it comes to dealing with student behavior.

PART 1 – Guidance vs Management: Rick discusses the stark difference between managing and guiding students.  He says “… in my experience, when you’re dealing with people, they want to be GUIDED – not MANAGED.  Children and youth are no exception.” He covers what to do when you find yourself getting frustrated around kids and their behaviors, how to change the way that you think of it, and what to focus your thoughts and efforts on.

PART 2 – Begin with The End in Mind: Rick explains how to proactively plan how to handle behaviors. He will show you how to handle difficult and off-target behaviors effectively and how we can lead ourselves and our students to a path of growth and learning.

PART 3 – Develop Your Skills of Affinity: Work with Rick to find out how developing affinity with the students and families you serve will go a LONG way toward your ability to be successful in the Behavior Guidance arena. Learn how the more you communicate the values of affinity, the more resistance will decrease.

PART 4 – Develop Your Role Model Mindset: How you show up in your classroom is really a product of your mindset – how you think.  Rick explains how we need to think about how we role-model our actions and our communication.  How we act when we think no one is looking or listening and whether it is congruent with the best of who we are. He says, “If it isn’t, you can bet that children and youth will notice.”  Learn how a huge contributor to how we role-model is how we talk to children and youth.

PART 5 – Game of Influence: Rick walks through the basics of influence and being present to what you want your students to KNOW, THINK, FEEL, or DO at the end of a conversation or interaction.  He will walk you through these four areas and have you well on your way to becoming an expert in the game of INFLUENCE. When you master this, you will see your influence shoot through the roof!

Rick knows that Behavior Guidance is an area of constant concern in the education field. If you apply the principles in this video, you will raise your skill level and confidence in the area and be well on the way to becoming a Behavior Guidance master.


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